With 20 years of accumulated experience and competence, we will contribute to a better mobility for all!

ChaZeMo will help to boost zero-emission mobility in Portugal by selling and installing at least 30.000 electric vehicle (EV) battery chargers before the end of 2025.

That is an ambitious target indeed and it was set after some market study. The numbers show a fast drop in cost of technology used in VEs, an exponential increase of the amount of new EV models available in the market and a rapid preparation of infrastructure needed. International analysts no longer wonder whether the Electric Vehicle (EV) will be the car of the future. At this point the question is just how fast electric cars will replace Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) based cars. To give an example of how fast things can go: in Norway 60% of the cars sold are electric.

Electric vehicles do not emit pollutant emissions and also do not make noise. The purchase prices of EVs are rapidly falling and the cost of maintenance is much lower. Someone who already drives an Electric Vehicle, does not want to ever change to an ICE car. Charging an EV is as simple as charging your mobile phone however you need to carefully choose the charging equipment. We are happy to inform you better about all aspects of EV driving and can provide solutions adapted to your specific needs.