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ZAPTEC Pro is the most suitable solution for multi-charger systems. We have 1,048 proofs of that.


Do you have the energy?

For the installation of Electric Vehicle charging points (EVs) in existing buildings, there is usually only limited charging capacity available; when electrical installations were made, there were no electric cars on the market yet. Read more here how ZAPTEC solves the challenge.

Do the electrical installations hold up?

Imagine that there are 40 parking spots in the garage. If you install individual chargers, there will be 40 cables to go to the switch board, protections for each one, an electricity meter for each of the chargers .... physically there may even be a problem installing this all ... Read more here as we solve it.

Do you have flexibility in scalability?

In a  car park and some places already need chargers. But others do not yet need. What is the best way to manage this situation? How to avoid technical problems in the future, when many more chargers will be needed? Here you can read how.

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