See on this page the characteristics of ZAPTEC Pro and the management software ZAPTEC Portal. It is worth asking for a quote: one of the consequences of OVER 10 years of research and development on this product is that it has become much more economical. ZAPTEC in fact thinks about the end customer and not just about cutting edge technology.

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Intelligent use of available electrical energy. You can, for example, plan when the charger consumes electricity, thus avoiding higher electricity prices,


Dynamic balance of phases and loads, so it avoids additional costs with increases in the contracted and installed power.

These are maior savings when moving to electrified mobility!


Our installation works are cost efficient because we have less work to do (less cable to install, for starters) and material to spend. That saves on installation cost, used space and maintenance.


Each owner of the parking space decides when to purchase the charger. Each one is independent of the moment of the installation of the primary network or of other owners. This gives flexibility and scalability. It  allows for you to make the investment in the ZAPTEC Pro when necessary and when there is a return.


The ZAPTEC Pro can be disassembled in 5 minutes and reinstalled in any single or three-phase circuit, anywhere, regardless of the other chargers in the circuit.


The 5-year warranty continues, even if you move.


The ZAPTEC Pro features are updated according to the new electric vehicle models to be marketed.


The charger continues to function even when technology evolves.


The service life is extended and then the cost to the customer decreases.


If the electricity fails and when turned on again, the charger will start automatically, regardless of the remaining chargers.


Another reason the ZAPTEC Pro shuts down is safety (cable temperature, for example) and when it returns to normal, the charger restarts its work. No unnecessary unpleasant suprises.


The charger is secured with a unique key and thus protected against theft.


The ZAPTEC Pro automatically works in single or three-phase.


The ZapCloud software (for free) manages the energy for the chargers and dynamically balances the phases, in the case of three-phase.


This way your installation will be  more efficient and economical.


The ZAPTEC Pro has a type B protection included in the machine, thus saving labor and investment in separate protection. In addition to this protection and other features, ZAPTEC Pro has an energy meter so that it can be controlled and invoiced correctly, if applicable.


The ZAPTEC Pro starts operating from 1.3 kW and can charge up to 22 kW per hour, depending on the available energy. Thus, all available energy is used.


In the ZapCloud software, whoever has a login and password, can manage the loading system and the users. The software generates reports that can be exported to exel, thus providing information on each user's electricity consumption.


The charger works without being connected to the internet and stores data for up to one year. When the internet is reconnected, it automatically updates the data in the central system.


We want our customers to have the best experience and so we made a product with exceptional quality!